This little underground stream was once the aquifer water source for the Convent of the Sacred Heart, now Saint Georges Junior School. The stream was once visible in the late 1800’s, coming out of the ground at its underground source near the north east side of the Old Convent property. Before Dunbar received City of Vancouver water, wells were dug and this little stream was bubbling and dancing through the Ferns stream, a long deserved name, but I love to call it The Sacred Heart Stream.

As years passed by the stream cut through the forest of the last big Douglas Fir trees and Meadows of Ferns. It just became a trickle and then the trickle seemed to stop and only damp spots near the west side of Wallace could be seen in the 1930’s. This is the location where The Sacred Heart Stream joined into the bigger Lake at the Head Creek. You say this  is all past history, all gone now, but no it has not!  A new home is being built on the west side of Wallace Street, between 27th and 29th Avenues and in the excavation hole the Sacred Heart stream is back. Able to feel the sun once again, even if it is only for a little while. Take a picture down deep in the excavation, it will be the very last look at Dunbar’s Sacred Heart Stream for it will be going dark once more and very soon.