Dunbar Little League brings neighbours together at the ball diamond

By Joyce Gillespie

Dunbar Little League (DLL) – have you heard about it? Have you seen the large white lettering on the big green sign at Memorial Park West along West 33rd Avenue? Have you seen the number of players and families enjoying games at the park? Perhaps you’ve thought: “Baseball? Isn’t that a sport for boys? Isn’t that rather boring? I am pretty sure my child would not be interested in baseball.”

DLL is so much more than just baseball. Without question, it is the most community-minded sports organization on the west side of Vancouver. Our league is composed of girls and boys ages 4-12 who live or attend school only in Dunbar. The baseball season is short (typically 8-10 weeks), running from April to the third week in June and all practices and games are played at Memorial Park West and Balaclava Park. Our teams, in the regular season, only play each other and after six decades in operation, this has proven to be the winning formula for our neighbourhood. What was established by Ralph Stong (yes, of that Stong’s) over 60 years ago and continues to this day, is the notion that when children only play games with and against their friends and neighbours, the community comes together under a common goal, and that is to create a safe, fun, engaging environment for the entire family and indeed, the entire neighbourhood.

DLL is a completely volunteer-run organization and the pride of tradition and caring for our community is evident in the incredible levels of neighbourhood engagement that extends well beyond one’s years spent in Little League.

Although we put great focus on building our community and providing an environment for neighbours to become friends, we also work diligently to provide a well-developed and competitive baseball program. DLL has an extensive development program that helps players of all abilities achieve whatever level of success they choose, whether it’s playing for fun with their friends, or working to make an All-Star team to play teams from around the province. We also provide training for parents and caregivers to contribute to their child’s baseball experience as a coach.

We hope you will consider joining us for the coming baseball season. Registration opened Oct. 1 and the season starts April 9. We look forward to getting to know you and your family. After all, this is what DLL is all about! www.dunbarbaseball.ca/registration


Vandals hit the Dunbar Lawn Bowling Club and DLL on Oct. 2-3. Want to help? Go to: https://www.gofundme.com/f/repair-dunbar-little-league-lawn-bowling-club